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club minutes are no longer posted on the web page 

July 5, 2013

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the July meeting was canceled due to the the 4th of July holiday and officers being out of town and under the weather 

July 2011 TBBC Meeting Minutes

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1. Meeting called to order by Pres. Tom at 8:12 PM on Friday, July 1, 2011 at The
Cabin, 3327 6thAve N., St Petersburg. Present were 11 members (2 paid their
membership at the meeting), one pledge and 6 guests. Minutes for the June 2011
meeting were made available and one correction/addition made.

2. Pres. Tom reviewed the intended purpose of The cabin and development/construction
status. Guests Wayne H. and Richard K of Chateau La Rouge were introduced. The
August meeting of TBBC probably will be at Chateau La Rouge; this will be confirmed
prior to sending the August meeting notice. Meeting will be Friday, August 5th.

3. Treasurer Bill W. reported a club balance of $ 731.68; less $36.00 to Ross S. for
beads (does not include dues collected at meeting).

4. Pres. Tom and Pledge Steve are looking for donations of materials and effort for the
completion of The Cabin; not necessarily financial contributions.

5. The TBBC pool/play party in June was well attended; thanks to Jerry and Paul for

6. Progress at Sawmill Resort in moving from individual private ownership to a more
coop organization was briefly reviewed. Sawmill is willing to host “runs” for clubs if a
club is willing to lend financial support for such “runs”.

7. The St Pete Pride event was a great event – the Leather community was well
represented with floats. Matt Wolf did a great job in organizing the Leather floats.

7. Matt Wolf will organize/host a Leather Fetish and Pride weekend at the Flamingo
Resort, St Pete, this fall. A program book is being developed and clubs are being
encouraged to participate by taking ads in the program book to support the weekend.
Motion made (Ross S, Jim H.) to have TBBC to spend a maximum of $250.00 to support
the event – via ad in Leather Pride Journal. Motion passed unanimously.

8. The TBBC will celebrate our 20th Anniversary on the first Friday of April in 2012.
Volunteers requested to be on a committee to set up this event.

9. Current plans are for an August play/pool party sometime after the August 5th. regular

10. Members/friends asked to mark their calendars to attend the Adventurers Black and
Blue Ball which will be held in October. More info will be provided.

11. The Tampa Bay Rules Organization meetings were discussed as a good place to
meet members of the leather/fetish community. Meetings are held at the Chelsea Bar,
Florida Ave., Tampa on the third Sunday of the month starting at about 3:00 PM.

They will also be starting “leather dress required” meetings two nights a month at the
Chelsea; the first and third Tuesdays starting at approx. 7:00 PM. First meeting will be
July 19th.

12. The July meeting of BALM will be at Jerry and Paul’s in Tampa on the third
Saturday, the 16th.; will also be a pool party. BALM is always the third Saturday of the

13... All old minutes have been posted to the website. Officers are able to add to the
website; instructions provided by Sir Thomas, VP.

14. Business portion of the meeting ended at 8:55 PM.

15. Demo by Ross S. using Pledge Steve as bottom: use of leverage and submission/
pressure points to immobilize subject. Well received. (Note: do not pick a fight with

Steve Drost, Secretary

TBBC June 2011 Meeting Minutes

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TBBC June 2011 Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order by Pres. Tom at 8:03 PM on June 3rd at The Cabin, 3327 6th
Ave N., St Petersburg. Present were 11 members, one pledge and one guest.

2. The scheduled demo for Pledge Steve will be rescheduled to the July meeting because
of the unavailability of Richard. S.

3. As indicated by a consensus of members present, the July TBBC meeting will be
held at our normal day; the first Friday of the month, even though it is the Fourth of July
weekend. Meeting date will be July 1st.

4. Members were informed of the June 10th. Leather Weekend at the Flamingo Resort in
St Petersburg.

5 Ross S. was again authorized (in his absence) to purchase a maximum of sixty dollars
worth of beads ($60.00) for use on the leather contingent floats at St. Pete Gay Pride.

6. The TBBC website was discussed. Sir Thomas and David. B. will be working on
updating the website. President will also be working with Sir Thomas so as to allow
his access and to make the website more interactive to the community. Minutes of club
meetings will be posted on the website.

7. Secretary to send minutes to all members who are current with regard to dues.

8. The duties and responsibilities of club officers were reviewed as were past
club “activities”. All are committed to increase club activities this year. Increased
emphasis on bondage activities is desired by some club members.

9. Secretary to send TBBC meeting schedule to The Leather Journal; member Jim H.
provided contact information.

10. Initial discussions were held regarding TBBC club policy on guests such as what
constitutes a “guest” and how to handle “uninvited” or “inappropriate” guests. Decision
made to postpone additional discussions to the July meeting.

11. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

Steve Drost, Secretary

TBBC Minutes for April 2011

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1. Meeting called to order by Pres Sir Thomas at 8:10, Friday, April 1, at the flamingo
Resort, St Petersburg FL. Attendance: 8 members, one pledge, Steve Fischbacher, and
one guest, Richard Krause, Partner/Owner, Chateau La Rouge, St Pete.

2. Main old business was election of officers for the year April 1011 to April 2012. and
discussion of membership of transgendered persons.

3. Elections: At the March meeting the following were nominated for TBBC offices
President: David Branson
Vice President: Sir Thomas Moore, Incumbent
Treasurer: Bill Ward, Incumbent
Secretary: Steve Drost, Incumbent

At the meeting, Tom Tomlinson was also nominated (by Will Goetz) and seconded for
the office of president. No other nominations for president or other offices were made.
Tom Tomlinson was added to the prepared ballots. Tom was elected president by a
majority vote.

4. Transgender. Decision made to” table” discussions on the admittance of
transgendered persons. Jim Haws stated that a judge at the recent Sir/boy contest in Ft
Lauderdale, who is a transgendered person, has offered to make a presentation to TBBC.
Decision to accept this presentation pending any further actions. Note: current bylaws
state that members must be male.

5. Some discussions relating to “sponsoring” a “splinter” group within TBBC which
would accept transgendered persons and females were made but no decisions or action
items made.

6. Member Jim Haws won the boy part of the Sir/boy contest in Ft Lauderdale.
Congratulations, Jim.

7. Guest Richard Krause stated availability of the “bunkhouse” at the Chateau La Rouge
in St Pete for TBBC meetings. Will be no charge. Motion made and passed to have the
May meeting at the Chateau. Incoming President Tom also noted the future availability
of his (and pledge Steve) home for future meetings. Probably will alternate locations.
Also noted that attendance is always better in St Pete vs. Tampa. There fore these
locations should be a plus.

8. Member Frank Wilson again stated the focus of TBBC should be bondage and that
we may get better attendance if we stick closed to bondage demos.

9. Matt Wolf dropped in the meeting and reviewed the many upcoming leather related
events in the Tampa Bay area with the main upcoming event being Tampa Leather Pride

now scheduled

for November 11, 12, 13 and 14. A pre-kick-off party for Leather Pride will be May 6
and 7. Go to the website: TampaBayLeatherPride.org for more info.

10. Demo for the evening centered on hoods and similar bondage items.

11. Meeting adjourned at 9:55.

Steve Drost, Secretary

March 2011 Minutes of TBBC

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March 2011 Minutes of TBBC – Draft

1. Meeting called to order at 8:09 by Pres. Sir Thomas at MCC, Tampa on Friday,
March 4th.

2. Attendance at 12 including Pledges Steve Fischbacker and Jeffrey Moye and Guest,
Terry Wolfe.

3. Reported treasury balance at $603.35.

4. Dues collected from Richard Skinner, Sir Thomas Moore and Frank Wilson
Receipts given to each for the $25.00 payments. Records will be given to treasurer at
next meeting.

5. Membership Application and $25.00 application fee received from Steve
Fischbacker. Receipt given; record will be given to Treasurer at April meeting.

6. Meeting “fees” collected ($10.00 each) total at $90.00.

7. Club voted to support member Jim Haws at the Leather Boy/ Sir Leather contest in
Ft Lauderdale. Jim won the contest here in Tampa. The previously voted support of
Dan (January minutes) was made assuming that he had won the local contest – we found
out that Jim Haws won!! Therefore member Jim will be a contestant in Ft Lauderdale
(next level) and therefore decision made and approved the also provide Jim with $100.00.
Given to Jim in cash at the meeting.

8. Cash collected/disbursement summary as follows:
Dues; 3 at $25.00
Membership Application
Meeting “fees”

Disbursement (see 7 above)

Remainder to be given to
Treasurer (all cash)

No checks were received.

9. Sir Thomas reported the current estimated opening of the Leather Bar at the Flamingo
is March 17th.

10. Nominations made for the election of officers at the April meeting were as follows:
David Branson
Vice President
Sir Thomas Moore


11. At the request of VP Ross, the club began discussing whether or not a transgendered
person should be considered for club membership. Ross stated that a transgender person
from LA possibly will approach TBBC for membership and that the club should be in a
position to act on any possible request. Bylaw changes are indicated if such applications
will be considered. Sir Thomas will develop a brief statement for consideration at
the April meeting; secretary to include such a statement in the April meeting notice so
attendees (those eligible to vote) will have an opportunity to consider. Also such a note
in the meeting notice may provide feedback from potential members.

12. Pres Sir Thomas indicated that Struggles bondage club in Largo probably could be a
location for April meeting. Will advise. Note: as of 3/10 Sir Thomas advised that this
space was closed 3/9 pending the investigation of the legalities of such a “performance

13. Member Tom Tomlinson noted that he and Steve Fischbacker are renovating their
new home in St Pete and will plan on having a suitable meeting place for TBBC.

14. Dave Peters noted that the Adventurers will be participating in the King of Peace
MCC church, St Pete, flea market/garage sale on Saturday, March 12th. Leather related
items will be sold by the Adventurers.

Steve Drost, Secretary

Bill Ward
Steve Drost

Minutes Meeting of Tampa Bay Bondage Club February 4, 2011

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Minutes Meeting of Tampa Bay Bondage Club February 4, 2011 DRAFT

1. Meeting Called to order by Pres. Sir Thomas at 8:09 at Flamingo Resort, St Pete. 17
in attendance.

2. Possible future lunch time play space in Largo mentioned by Pres. Sir Thomas; more
info. in several weeks.

3. Demo at meeting by Sir Thomas was simple tail whip.

4. Beads for Tampa Pride not purchased because Sam’s Club (designated source) did
not inventory beads this year.

5. TBBC elections will be held in April and nominations due at the March meeting.
Officers to be elected are: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. To be
able to vote, annual dues of $25.00 must be up to date.

6. The Adventurers will be participating (booth) at a benefit at King of Peace MCC
church in St Pete on Saturday, March 12th. Hours are from 8:30 – 3:30. Our support is

7. Dues paid by: Richard Skinner, Ken Grubbs; Bill Ward.

8. Plans being developed for a Leather Group float at St Pete Pride. More info later.

9. Sir Thomas announced that the $10.00 meeting “fee” per event will be resumed
so that TBBC may better financially support the community and therefore gain more

10. Management of Flamingo Resort stated their intent to open a leather bar approx
March 1st.

11. A Pool/Play Party will be scheduled for sometime in the spring.

12. March demo will be fire/cupping. Pledge Jeffrey will be bottom, Sir Thomas will
give the demo.

S. Drost, Secretary

January 2011 Minutes TBBC

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1. Meeting called to order by VP Ross at Chateau La Rouge, St Pete at 8:03 pm on
Friday, January 7th.; Pres Sir Thomas ill.

2. Revised Treasurer Report: Balance reported was a previous balance. Balance
reported should have been $ 496.00. Check in the amount of $100.00 written to Dan
Radwanski (see item 10 below). Dues for 2011 taken in from 3 members ($25.00 each;
see item6 below). The current balance reflecting the above is $471.06 with a possible
max of $40.00 to VP Ross for beads (see item 8 below) and $100.00 still to be collected
from the President. With these items, working capital is $531.00.

3. Attendance at 15 for meeting, 6 guests. Two guests provided with Membership
Applications. Jeff Moye submitted application (forwarded to VP Ross for Pledge
Master), Robert Shaw will complete and submit at next meeting.

4. TBBC Christmas Party at Ross, Richard’s home in Tampa very successful; held in
conjunction with BALM. Total of 42 persons attended.

5. Based on the success of the 2010 TBBC Christmas Party, there were discussions on
the possibility of a holding combined Tampa Bay leather groups Christmas/Holiday party
for 2011. Possibly under the auspices of BALM. Each club would be responsible for
providing a main dish, e.g. turkey, ham. MCC Tampa is the proposed location. VP
Ross indicated probably no charge by MCC but a basket would be passed for a free-will
offering for the church.

6. Dues for 2011 are due by April 1st. $25.00/person. Dues paid by Will G., Tom T. and
Steve D. at meeting

7. Nominations are now open for elections which will be held at the April meeting.
Positions to be filled are: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

8. Resolution made and passed to authorize VP Ross to spend up to $40.00 for beads to
be used for Tampa Pride.

9. Boy Woodie and Daddy Jeffrey attended the meeting and provided information on the
Tampa Leather Club’s Leather Sir and Leather Boy contest the weekend of February 4th –
6th at the Flamingo Resort in St Pete. Meet and Greet on the 4th, contest on the 5th (8:00
to 10:00 PM; arrive early for a seat), and Victory Brunch on the 6th. Last year event was
very well attended; over 750 persons. Contact Boy Woodie for info and applications to
compete: boywoodie65@aol.com.

10. Motion made and passed to sponsor Dan at the Leather Boy/Sir Leather contest in Ft
Lauderdale on 11th and 12th of March. Sponsorship is a TBBC club tradition. Amount
of $100.00.

11. Our January 17, 2011meeting at the Chateau La Rouge was free. Owners also
provided refreshments (mini hot dogs, cheese, etc.) There will be a charge for future
meetings but owners have as yet not provided any indication of the amount although they
have been requested to do so. VP Ross, Pres will pursue discussions prior to the Feb
TBBC meeting.

12. Members of TBBC living in Pinellas county were requested to suggest alternate
Pinellas locations. It was noted that the Flamingo Resort is again making some
comments about opening a leather bar within their complex. Members requested to visit
Flamingo and indicate desirability of having a leather bar at their location.

13. The Chelsea Nightclub in Tampa (Florida Ave.) was suggested as a possibility.
Chelsea already hosts the Tampa Bay RUILES meetings on Sunday afternoons and may
be open to having TBBC.

14. Rope bondage on boy Woodie provided by VP Ross – very well done!!

S. Drost, Secretary

November 2010 Minutes Tampa Bay Bondage Club

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1. Meeting called to order at Ybor Eagle by VP Ross at 8:10pm.

2. Member Frank provided a very good demo on mummification; followed by
some “hands on” by members.

3. Adventures Black and Blue Ball noted to take place on Nov13th. At Chateau
LaRouge in St Pete. More info at AdventurersFlorida.com.

4. Chateau La Rouge will have their Christmas Party on December 4th in St Pete.

5. The TBBC Christmas/Holiday party will be on Saturday, December 18th. at the home
of Ross and Richard, Tampa. The party will be combined with the December meeting of
BALM . Gathering will start at 6:00pm with dinner at 7:00pm. Plans are to provide a
turkey and ham and all guests are to bring a covered dish to share to complete the dinner.
Soda and beer will be provided.

6. Jim Haws paid his dues.

7. Leather Pride will be in March or April; date not yet set.

8. Tampa Leather Club will have a Holiday Party. See website for details:

S. Drost, Secretary

Meeting Minutes Tampa Bay Bondage Club for October, 2010

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1. Meeting called to order by Pres. Sir Thomas at 8:09 pm at Ybor Eagle on Friday
October 1st.

2. VP Ross reported that TBBC was one of only 5 clubs displaying club colors at
Inferno; thanks to VP Ross for efforts in having TBBC club colors at Inferno.

3. Five members in attendance. Total of $50.00 collected and given to Pres Sir Thomas
for forwarding to treasurer at next meeting.

4. The Zephyr Hills play party originally planned for the TBBC October meeting will
now be tentatively planned for early 2011.

5. Pres Sir Thomas will be in Japan for approx. one month; return first or second week
in Nov.

6. Member Frank W. will arrange for the Nov. meeting demo. He will advise secretary
in advance so demo subject may be stated in the meeting notice.

7. The Ybor Eagle has requested that the TBBC select the Ybor Eagle as our home bar.
VP Ross will work on preparing a suitable banner for the bar.

8. The December meeting of TBBC, typically our Christmas/Holiday party, will
be combined with the December BALM dinner. VP Ross and Richard will host the
gathering at their home in Tampa. It will be on the third Saturday of December,
December 18th. Gathering starts at 6:00 pm with dinner at 7:00pm. A turkey and
ham will be provided and members/guests are requested to bring associated food and/or
dessert items to compliment the turkey/ham. Soda and beer will also be provided.

9. The new social group for leathermen and friends, RULES, had a very successful
meeting at the Chelsea Bar in Tampa. TBBC Secretary requested to send notice of their
next meeting which will take place on Sunday, October 17th at 2 – 3 pm.

10. The support of the TBBC for the Tampa International 2010 Gay and Lesbian Film
Festival will be noted at the showing of the film The Adonis Factor on Saturday, October
16th at 1:30 pm at the Tampa Theatre. TBBC contributed $100.00.

11. Member David B. gave an excellent demo on the use of rubber balloons and socks
for bondage; demo on the cheap and easily prepared for at short notice. Thanks David.

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