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July 2011 TBBC Meeting Minutes

posted Aug 1, 2011, 12:31 PM by Club Members
1. Meeting called to order by Pres. Tom at 8:12 PM on Friday, July 1, 2011 at The
Cabin, 3327 6thAve N., St Petersburg. Present were 11 members (2 paid their
membership at the meeting), one pledge and 6 guests. Minutes for the June 2011
meeting were made available and one correction/addition made.

2. Pres. Tom reviewed the intended purpose of The cabin and development/construction
status. Guests Wayne H. and Richard K of Chateau La Rouge were introduced. The
August meeting of TBBC probably will be at Chateau La Rouge; this will be confirmed
prior to sending the August meeting notice. Meeting will be Friday, August 5th.

3. Treasurer Bill W. reported a club balance of $ 731.68; less $36.00 to Ross S. for
beads (does not include dues collected at meeting).

4. Pres. Tom and Pledge Steve are looking for donations of materials and effort for the
completion of The Cabin; not necessarily financial contributions.

5. The TBBC pool/play party in June was well attended; thanks to Jerry and Paul for

6. Progress at Sawmill Resort in moving from individual private ownership to a more
coop organization was briefly reviewed. Sawmill is willing to host “runs” for clubs if a
club is willing to lend financial support for such “runs”.

7. The St Pete Pride event was a great event – the Leather community was well
represented with floats. Matt Wolf did a great job in organizing the Leather floats.

7. Matt Wolf will organize/host a Leather Fetish and Pride weekend at the Flamingo
Resort, St Pete, this fall. A program book is being developed and clubs are being
encouraged to participate by taking ads in the program book to support the weekend.
Motion made (Ross S, Jim H.) to have TBBC to spend a maximum of $250.00 to support
the event – via ad in Leather Pride Journal. Motion passed unanimously.

8. The TBBC will celebrate our 20th Anniversary on the first Friday of April in 2012.
Volunteers requested to be on a committee to set up this event.

9. Current plans are for an August play/pool party sometime after the August 5th. regular

10. Members/friends asked to mark their calendars to attend the Adventurers Black and
Blue Ball which will be held in October. More info will be provided.

11. The Tampa Bay Rules Organization meetings were discussed as a good place to
meet members of the leather/fetish community. Meetings are held at the Chelsea Bar,
Florida Ave., Tampa on the third Sunday of the month starting at about 3:00 PM.

They will also be starting “leather dress required” meetings two nights a month at the
Chelsea; the first and third Tuesdays starting at approx. 7:00 PM. First meeting will be
July 19th.

12. The July meeting of BALM will be at Jerry and Paul’s in Tampa on the third
Saturday, the 16th.; will also be a pool party. BALM is always the third Saturday of the

13... All old minutes have been posted to the website. Officers are able to add to the
website; instructions provided by Sir Thomas, VP.

14. Business portion of the meeting ended at 8:55 PM.

15. Demo by Ross S. using Pledge Steve as bottom: use of leverage and submission/
pressure points to immobilize subject. Well received. (Note: do not pick a fight with

Steve Drost, Secretary