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March 2011 Minutes of TBBC

posted Jun 20, 2011, 7:57 AM by Club Members
March 2011 Minutes of TBBC – Draft

1. Meeting called to order at 8:09 by Pres. Sir Thomas at MCC, Tampa on Friday,
March 4th.

2. Attendance at 12 including Pledges Steve Fischbacker and Jeffrey Moye and Guest,
Terry Wolfe.

3. Reported treasury balance at $603.35.

4. Dues collected from Richard Skinner, Sir Thomas Moore and Frank Wilson
Receipts given to each for the $25.00 payments. Records will be given to treasurer at
next meeting.

5. Membership Application and $25.00 application fee received from Steve
Fischbacker. Receipt given; record will be given to Treasurer at April meeting.

6. Meeting “fees” collected ($10.00 each) total at $90.00.

7. Club voted to support member Jim Haws at the Leather Boy/ Sir Leather contest in
Ft Lauderdale. Jim won the contest here in Tampa. The previously voted support of
Dan (January minutes) was made assuming that he had won the local contest – we found
out that Jim Haws won!! Therefore member Jim will be a contestant in Ft Lauderdale
(next level) and therefore decision made and approved the also provide Jim with $100.00.
Given to Jim in cash at the meeting.

8. Cash collected/disbursement summary as follows:
Dues; 3 at $25.00
Membership Application
Meeting “fees”

Disbursement (see 7 above)

Remainder to be given to
Treasurer (all cash)

No checks were received.

9. Sir Thomas reported the current estimated opening of the Leather Bar at the Flamingo
is March 17th.

10. Nominations made for the election of officers at the April meeting were as follows:
David Branson
Vice President
Sir Thomas Moore


11. At the request of VP Ross, the club began discussing whether or not a transgendered
person should be considered for club membership. Ross stated that a transgender person
from LA possibly will approach TBBC for membership and that the club should be in a
position to act on any possible request. Bylaw changes are indicated if such applications
will be considered. Sir Thomas will develop a brief statement for consideration at
the April meeting; secretary to include such a statement in the April meeting notice so
attendees (those eligible to vote) will have an opportunity to consider. Also such a note
in the meeting notice may provide feedback from potential members.

12. Pres Sir Thomas indicated that Struggles bondage club in Largo probably could be a
location for April meeting. Will advise. Note: as of 3/10 Sir Thomas advised that this
space was closed 3/9 pending the investigation of the legalities of such a “performance

13. Member Tom Tomlinson noted that he and Steve Fischbacker are renovating their
new home in St Pete and will plan on having a suitable meeting place for TBBC.

14. Dave Peters noted that the Adventurers will be participating in the King of Peace
MCC church, St Pete, flea market/garage sale on Saturday, March 12th. Leather related
items will be sold by the Adventurers.

Steve Drost, Secretary

Bill Ward
Steve Drost