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Meeting Minutes Tampa Bay Bondage Club for October, 2010

posted Jun 20, 2011, 7:46 AM by Club Members

1. Meeting called to order by Pres. Sir Thomas at 8:09 pm at Ybor Eagle on Friday
October 1st.

2. VP Ross reported that TBBC was one of only 5 clubs displaying club colors at
Inferno; thanks to VP Ross for efforts in having TBBC club colors at Inferno.

3. Five members in attendance. Total of $50.00 collected and given to Pres Sir Thomas
for forwarding to treasurer at next meeting.

4. The Zephyr Hills play party originally planned for the TBBC October meeting will
now be tentatively planned for early 2011.

5. Pres Sir Thomas will be in Japan for approx. one month; return first or second week
in Nov.

6. Member Frank W. will arrange for the Nov. meeting demo. He will advise secretary
in advance so demo subject may be stated in the meeting notice.

7. The Ybor Eagle has requested that the TBBC select the Ybor Eagle as our home bar.
VP Ross will work on preparing a suitable banner for the bar.

8. The December meeting of TBBC, typically our Christmas/Holiday party, will
be combined with the December BALM dinner. VP Ross and Richard will host the
gathering at their home in Tampa. It will be on the third Saturday of December,
December 18th. Gathering starts at 6:00 pm with dinner at 7:00pm. A turkey and
ham will be provided and members/guests are requested to bring associated food and/or
dessert items to compliment the turkey/ham. Soda and beer will also be provided.

9. The new social group for leathermen and friends, RULES, had a very successful
meeting at the Chelsea Bar in Tampa. TBBC Secretary requested to send notice of their
next meeting which will take place on Sunday, October 17th at 2 – 3 pm.

10. The support of the TBBC for the Tampa International 2010 Gay and Lesbian Film
Festival will be noted at the showing of the film The Adonis Factor on Saturday, October
16th at 1:30 pm at the Tampa Theatre. TBBC contributed $100.00.

11. Member David B. gave an excellent demo on the use of rubber balloons and socks
for bondage; demo on the cheap and easily prepared for at short notice. Thanks David.