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TBBC Minutes for April 2011

posted Jun 20, 2011, 7:59 AM by Club Members
1. Meeting called to order by Pres Sir Thomas at 8:10, Friday, April 1, at the flamingo
Resort, St Petersburg FL. Attendance: 8 members, one pledge, Steve Fischbacher, and
one guest, Richard Krause, Partner/Owner, Chateau La Rouge, St Pete.

2. Main old business was election of officers for the year April 1011 to April 2012. and
discussion of membership of transgendered persons.

3. Elections: At the March meeting the following were nominated for TBBC offices
President: David Branson
Vice President: Sir Thomas Moore, Incumbent
Treasurer: Bill Ward, Incumbent
Secretary: Steve Drost, Incumbent

At the meeting, Tom Tomlinson was also nominated (by Will Goetz) and seconded for
the office of president. No other nominations for president or other offices were made.
Tom Tomlinson was added to the prepared ballots. Tom was elected president by a
majority vote.

4. Transgender. Decision made to” table” discussions on the admittance of
transgendered persons. Jim Haws stated that a judge at the recent Sir/boy contest in Ft
Lauderdale, who is a transgendered person, has offered to make a presentation to TBBC.
Decision to accept this presentation pending any further actions. Note: current bylaws
state that members must be male.

5. Some discussions relating to “sponsoring” a “splinter” group within TBBC which
would accept transgendered persons and females were made but no decisions or action
items made.

6. Member Jim Haws won the boy part of the Sir/boy contest in Ft Lauderdale.
Congratulations, Jim.

7. Guest Richard Krause stated availability of the “bunkhouse” at the Chateau La Rouge
in St Pete for TBBC meetings. Will be no charge. Motion made and passed to have the
May meeting at the Chateau. Incoming President Tom also noted the future availability
of his (and pledge Steve) home for future meetings. Probably will alternate locations.
Also noted that attendance is always better in St Pete vs. Tampa. There fore these
locations should be a plus.

8. Member Frank Wilson again stated the focus of TBBC should be bondage and that
we may get better attendance if we stick closed to bondage demos.

9. Matt Wolf dropped in the meeting and reviewed the many upcoming leather related
events in the Tampa Bay area with the main upcoming event being Tampa Leather Pride

now scheduled

for November 11, 12, 13 and 14. A pre-kick-off party for Leather Pride will be May 6
and 7. Go to the website: TampaBayLeatherPride.org for more info.

10. Demo for the evening centered on hoods and similar bondage items.

11. Meeting adjourned at 9:55.

Steve Drost, Secretary