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TBBC Minutes June 12, 2010

posted Jun 22, 2010, 9:31 AM by Vice President

TBBC Minutes June 12, 2010   DRAFT


1.   Meeting called to order by Pres. Sir Thomas at 8:03 pm.


2.   Sir Thomas stated that the current meeting at Fetish2Fetish would be the last meeting at this location for an undetermined amount of time. F2F closing due to Illness of Sir Thomas and lack of support staff to operate club in his 3 to 4 month absence.


3.   Sir Thomas sees this as a temporary situation; something will be developed in the future.


4.   Sir Thomas has reviewed the bylaws of the TBBC and suggests that some changes would be beneficial to the future of the club.   Namely that if members do not attend on a specified regular basis (possibly once every three months, minimum) then such members automatically become an “associate” member.


5.   Also, Sir Thomas suggested is that the TBBC website be modified/modernized so as to be interactive.   This is seen as a method of allowing members to contact each other for private meetings, etc. and also to encourage new members by offering a means of better networking within the leather – SM community.   This will be looked into by Sir Thomas: Google, Yahoo as possibilities.   Sir Thomas will send TBBC Secretary the appropriate link when such a website has been developed.


6.   It was discussed that wherever TBBC meets in the future we should minimally financially support the host.   Also, to become a more influential member of the community, we should build the treasury to allow increased support of appropriate activities; e.g. Mr. -----.   Though these actions TBBC will become better known and respected in the Bay Area.   To this end the following resolution was made, seconded and passed unanimously.  All future TBBC meetings will have a fee of a minimum of $10.00 dollars; $5.00 of which will go to the club treasury and the remainder to go to the host, host organization.   If the cost per person at the host organization is greater than $5.00, then the cost per member shall be the host charge per member plus $5.00 for the TBBC treasury.


7.   Sir Thomas will continue to market, publicize TBBC via Fetish2Fetish.


8.   Problems relating to restrictions on play (no total nudity) were discussed relating to the use of places of public accommodation (bars).    It was decided to pursue private spaces.  


9.   Since Paul and Jerry have offered their home for a July meeting, it was decided to accept their offer and have the next TBBC meeting at their home; a combination play, pool party.   Meeting will be in July but date not yet set.


10.   Discussed that TBBC bylaws should be more closely followed regarding new members:   make sure to collect both the $25.00 application fee and if accepted for membership, the $25.00 yearly membership.


11.   TBBC will have club banner delivered to the Leather Contingent float for St Pete Pride and club also approved providing bottled water in cooler as our contribution to the float.   There will be very limited space on the float but space for TBBC President secured.


S.Drost, Secretary